Chris Page

Chris Page is a creative force in Ottawa. He fronts the following bands: The Stand GT, Camp Radio, and Expanda Fuzz. He has also released a series of solo records, including Volume Vs. Voice and A Date With A Smoke Machine.

This session also featured our first electric guitar, in fact a tenor guitar which only has four strings.

For his Saint Brigid’s Session, Chris Page performed the following songs: Chaise Lounge; Summertime Out; The Dead Weight Song; The Late Summer Mountain Song; and, Focal Point.

Video credits: Jason Leroux, editing. Robert Patterson and Jason Leroux, cameras.

Photos of the Session

Photo credits: Patricia Traill and Josée Robillard.


Get music from Chris Page at his website.


This Saint Brigid’s Session was also broadcast on CKCU-FM on May 14, 2016.