Craig Cardiff

While it is true that Craig Cardiff is from Arnprior, Ontario, one look at his gig schedule it may be hard to say that he is actually based there!

At his shows, Craig passes around a Book of Truths asking his fans to share something truthful in it — a story, a confession, a hope, a secret.  This book has been a source of songs, some of which are created on the spot during a show. If you did take a look at his gig schedule, you will have noticed that Craig often offers workshops at schools, camps, festivals and churches. His tries to pass along the idea: Just try new things even if it means making mistakes.  It is a bit like the spirit of the Saint Brigid’s Sessions.

For his Saint Brigid’s Session, Craig played five songs: Forget; Not My Monkey’s; God’s Comic; Smallest Wingless; and, Virginia in the Song.

Video credits: Robert Patterson, editing and cameras.

Photos of the Session

Photo credits: Josée Robillard and Patricia Traill.


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The Craig Cardiff Saint Brigid’s Session was first broadcast on the November 26, 2016, of CKCU-FM‘s Saturday Morning Program.