Craig Cardiff

While it is true that Craig Cardiff is from Arnprior, Ontario.

At his shows, Craig passes around a Book of Truths asking his fans to share something truthful in it — a story, a confession, a hope, a secret.  This book has been a source of songs, some of which are created on the spot during a show. If you did take a look at his gig schedule, you will have noticed that Craig often offers workshops at schools, camps, festivals and churches. His tries to pass along the idea: Just try new things even if it means making mistakes.  It is a bit like the spirit of the Saint Brigid’s Sessions.

For his Saint Brigid’s Session, Craig played five songs: Forget; Not My Monkey’s; God’s Comic; Smallest Wingless; and, Virginia in the Song.

Video credits: Robert Patterson, editing and cameras.

Photos of the Session

Photo credits: Josée Robillard and Patricia Traill.


Get some of Craig Cardiff’s music from Bandcamp.


The Craig Cardiff Saint Brigid’s Session was also broadcast on CKCU-FM on November 26, 2016.